Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swine Flew Outbreak kills geese

Scientist have discoverd a  flock of dead geese infected with the swine flew virus! The flock of geese were getting ready to fly south for the winter. While they were preparing for their hard journey they all started arguing which would be the best direction to travel. All the Geese refused to listen and when each one took the lead it veered off in the direction that it wanted to fly. The Geese finally landed after 2 months of flying and found themselves in the same field they took off from. Unfortunately, they were too tired and weak to make a second attempt South and the snow set in. The geese all froze and starved to death. An autopsy report cited the cause of death was due to “Lack of teamwork and leveraging” and “Everyone was talking and nobody was listening.”

When you write a blog article make sure you get the persons attention so that they will investigate further. This headline alone brought thousands to my blog. From here you can begin to inform them that there is only a 2% success rate in network marketing and the key to success in network marketing is to join the successful 2% club and duplicate what they are teaching. For example you can teach your prospects that, auto responders, prelaunch, relaunch, fancy automated graphical opportunities, email blast, solo ads, eznes, pay per click, vitamin opportunities, gifting programs, simply do not work. Why? Because only teamwork, leveraging, and developing leaders to duplicate the system is what works. Without a system you have no opportunity to become successful.

You have to use the power of the internet to really become part of that elite 2% success group. You must have a system of true leadership and leveraging to be successful.

Mark Recker

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