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Welcome to The Home Business MLM Formula System. I'm Mark Recker founder of this amazing formula. You will receive VALUABLE  FREE training on how to build your Mazu home business using the power of teamwork and leveraging. You will learn why 97% of you fail in mlm's. You will learn how to get others to listen to you. You will also learn how to do traffic exchange leveraging and learn how to master the game of BINGO. Yes you read that right. You see Network Marketing is a numbers game and without learning how to use teamwork and leveraging you are going to fail miserably over and over again.

How to Succeed In Network Marketing

Have you ever begun to wonder why so many people fail to make any money working from home in their home business or mlm opportunity? It’s really not that hard to figure out what the cause is if you go back to your early childhood. Do you recall begging your parents for an opportunity to learn a musical instrument or play a sport? I’m quite certain   you probably heard one of two responses from your parents. One being sure you can if you promise to work hard and practice every day and the other being no we can’t afford it.

For example, back in my younger days as a High School freshman the varsity cross country coach who was also my oldest brother did not invite me to run cross country. Instead he opted to invite other classmates of mine to run who were bigger and stronger. I was just an average sized skeleton of skin and bones with very little muscle. Therefore, I was completely overlooked and not given the chance. Deep down I was hurt and on top of that I had to listen to my oldest brother brag about his number one star on the team who never lost a race in three years. So the season passed and I decided to make a bold statement on the first day of cross country practice the following year. I was out to beat Frank and point out my brothers mistake of failing to invite me to run as a freshman.

On the first day of practice my sophomore year I got in front of the team at the starting line only to be pushed to the back of the pack with all the other underclassmen. That just lit my fuse and when the starting gun echoed in the air I sprinted out ahead of the whole pack and found myself completely exhausted. It was at this moment that I had to make a decision to either quit and give up or tell my body that I would win this race. I refused to quit and ended up leaving Frank behind with the rest of the runners in my own imaginative dust cloud. Not only did I beat Frank, I beat his best time on the first day of practice.

For the next three years I was the number one runner and was beaten twice by two of my team members who were also my brothers. I still recall them yelling and screaming in excitement as they had finally achieved their own personal goal of beating me. That week I had my leg cast removed, just kidding! They certainly achieved their dream and that was the last time I let them win too. However, in cross country you win as a team and when others tried to beat me our scores improved and we won more meets as a team. So my team members were cheering me on to place first or second in the race and I would cheer them on to place higher too.

If you want to be successful in network marketing you must work as a team and leverage. If you don’t practice teamwork and leveraging then you are going to fail again. It is no different from when you were younger and wanted to play a sport or learn an instrument. Mazu Global Team and the Mazu Home Business Formula System is a solution to your past failures in network marketing. You can either chose to work as a team and leverage or you can just plain quit like you did when you were younger. Some of you today are going to read this and go your way. You can either get serious and refuse to quit or you can chose the quitters option. However, one thing is for certain, you can’t blame this on your parents.

Mark Recker

Don't let a fire destroy your MLM or Home Business Opportunity

A herd of 100 deer were grazing in a valley below unaware of a huge forest fire burning out of control downwind from them.  They were downwind and they could not smell any smoke. They were all enjoying the lush green grass unaware of any approaching danger. Suddenly, a flame out of nowhere jumped into the valley scattering the deer in all directions. There were two very narrow openings to the valley on each end and the fire landed into the opening next to them. The entire herd except for the 10 wisest deer took off for the far end of the valley towards the only remaining entrance. The other 10 wise deer stayed together and did not panic. Instead they studied the flames, the wind speed, the direction, the heat, and observed the birds migration pattern overhead away from the smoke and heat. They all decided to escape together at the middle part of the valley up a very steep and slippery dangerous trail that was seldom used.

The trail was never used because it was suicide to attempt it alone. However, they decided that their only chance for survival was to use this trail if they worked together as a team.  They started climbing the steep dangerous trail and the strongest went last in line to help hold the weaker ones from falling. The strongest would plow their antlers into the rocky slippery trail allowing for the weaker less experienced to climb the unused dangerous trail. One by one they managed to reach the top, exhausted and tired from the feat.
When they looked below into the valley they saw the other deer approaching the valley entrance at the far end. However, just before they got there the wind changed directions and flames engulfed the entrance they were approaching. The herd panicked and ran for the other end trampling and killing each other in the process. Once they got to the opposite end they realized that both entrances were completely sealed off. The raging forest fire had overcome them and they all died. The 10 deer who survived went their way and repopulated the herd.  Author~M.Recker 2010

People fail in their home business and mlm opportunities because they do not work as a team and leverage to become successful. Because of this they rush from one opportunity to another. The secret to your mlm or Mazu home business success is dependent on teamwork and leveraging. Developing leaders who in turn develop others and duplicate the system. If you want to be successful in your Mazu Global Team opportunity then you must learn to work as a team in developing leaders. Don't get burned from following all the others racing from one opportunity to another. Stay together as a team and help each other reach the top.

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking in your Home Business or MLM

Three wise men were imprisoned by King Mazu Global and put on death role for giving out improper wisdom about his mazu home business opportunity. On the day they were all three sentenced to die the King decided that he would give all three wise men a chance to live if they could answer a wise question that only the King knew the answer to.

So the King asked the first wise man, “Which is more important your health or your wealth?” The first wise man quickly answered your health! King Mazu Global then ordered his guards to throw the first wise man off the cliff. Then King Mazu Global asked the second wise man, what is more important your health or your wealth?” The wise man immediately yelled out your wealth! The King then ordered his Mazu Global Team soldiers to throw the second wise man off the cliff.

Then King Mazu Global turned to the third wise man and asked the same question. The wise man stood in silence for a few moments and then he said, “Your honor both are equally important.” The King then asked him to explain his answer.

The wise man went on to say that without health you have nothing to live for. You can’t be pain free and enjoy life the way you want to. However, without wealth you will worry about how you are going to make ends meet and then stress overtakes your body and disease sets in. You need a balance of wealth and health to live a long vibrant life and with one of them missing life is fruitless.

“Perfect answer” said King Mazu Global and he ordered the Mazu Global Team guards to release the wise man and to prepare for a banquet in honor of the wise man.  There was singing and dancing while glasses full of Mazu Gold were being toasted to everyones health and wealth. Peasants lined up to join King Mazu Global in his Mazu Home Business opportunity and they immediately started earning wealth due to the All Team Pay Plan that Mazu Global offered. King Mazu Global and his Mazu Global Team grew into a huge kingdom of wealth and health where everyone lived long healthy vibrant lives.
Author ~ Mark Recker 2010

The best way to increase your search engin ranking is through teamwork and leveraging. Using a story in your blog writings with key words about your home business opportunity or mlm. Stories spread like wild fire accross the internet and people remember stories that they had read in the past. If you want to be successful you must leverage and work as a team.

Mark Recker

How to Use Stories in Your MLM or Home Business Opportunity

How To Overcome Failure In Network Marketing Through Creative Writing
It’s all about the system of writing creative stories and posting them on social blogs. This approach helps drive traffic to your website and teaches you about the importance of teamwork. You can promote and grow your online business opportunity by allowing others to use your stories too. Financial success can be accomplished through a simple story that explains why you fail and how to become successful through teamwork.

For example this type of story can bring about the importance of working as a team. A flock of geese took off for the south as winter arrived. Prior to setting off they all argued that each of them should give the directions to the head goose as they were in flight. Each of the Geese refused to listen when they were in the lead as the head goose. One by one they each flew in the direction that they wanted to. The Geese landed after their journey and noticed they were in the same field they took off from. Unfortunately, they were too tired and weak to make a second attempt South and the snow set in. The geese all froze and starved to death from the cold and lack of food. An autopsy report cited the cause of death was due to “Lack of teamwork” and “Everyone was talking and nobody was listening.” Author~Mark Recker 2010

Notice that the problem for their failure was lack of teamwork and the end result was fatal. Someone who fails in MLM can better understand that lack of teamwork is the cause for failure. In a paragraph after the story write your personal summary on what you feel is the reason for their failure in network marketing.
For example the following could be added.

Capture pages, email blast, viral marketing tools, auto responders, etc. do not work. You have to have a system to be successful and you have to work as a team.
The story was intended to get potential members to stop and listen to you while allowing you to become a leader in helping them. It is important to offer them a solution and a benefit for listening. Invite others into your opportunity using a creative story on their blogs. You will start to notice the other person trusting you and follow you into your opportunity. This magnetic draw to you can have beneficial and financial rewards as a result of your story.

Stories tell and stories sell so remember this as your slogan. You will remember a story but you will forget an opportunity that was presented to them. Do you remember back to your childhood all the stories you mother read to you? Your brain stores your stories into long term memory for you to recall. Jesus taught us through using stories and these stories have lasted over 2000 years. History has proven that stories are the best way to teach and remember facts.

With the above in mind you can start to see how much an advantage you have over others out there promoting their opportunities by simply telling or writing a creative story. My advice is to use a creative story approach when getting involved in any online marketing business where you need business builders.

Mark Recker

One Simple Rule will keep you from failing in your mlm or home business opportunity

A young man prayed every day asking God to give him financial help because he was struggling to feed his family. So God answered his prayer and told him to climb the highest mountain behind his house and turn over the first boulder he came across. After about three hours of climbing he came to a large boulder and turned it over. Under the boulder was a huge gold nugget. He took a few steps down hill and then stopped and saw more boulders. So he placed the gold nugget in his pocket and started rolling over all the other boulders looking for more gold nuggets. After about 8 hours it started getting dark so he hurried down the hill towards home. He got to the bottom where his family was waiting and started yelling about the gold nugget he had found. When he reached into his pocket the gold nugget was missing. He went back up the mountain the next day looking and could not find it. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, and still he could not find that lost gold nugget. Author: Mark Recker 2009

Greed and selfishness are the reasons why you fail in network marketing. Everyone is busy promoting their opportunity instead of working as a team and leveraging. If you want to be successful you must work as a team and leverage as a team. You should never use the companies generic website because it only brands the company and not you. Only 3 people out of a hundred will become financially successful because they had the capital to begin with. Remember, it takes money to make money and most do not have it. That is why they are trying network marketing in the first place.

So unless you are willing to drive traffic to one team site and leverage, you will not become successful. God did not design us to get rich quick individually from the Internet. If He did then who would wait on tables, make the beds in the hotels, change your oil. Doctors and Lawyers would leave their practices chasing that gold Internet nugget. The world would fall into complete chaos. So how do you change the percentage? Work as a team and leverage is your only hope. 

Stay off the beaten MLM Home Business Trail

Successful people who are in any mlm opportunity do not market to the masses, they market to the specific! In essence they have created a special marketing niche like the one I use or discovered by selling products on Ebay. The very first thing a network marketer should do is to avoid the worn down path everyone else is following. Like sheep walking up to a barn they get there one by one and it takes a very long time to get there. Companies involved in network marketing are set up the same way with their product and compensation opportunity. It's their way of getting their product into the consumers hands by using human hands and foot work. It is impossible for any of these companies to compete against other big companies who have their products in large distribution centers like Walmart. Therefore, they must rely on a mlm type of business model to market their products.

This opens up a wide range of opportunity to the average net worker because they in turn get a piece of the pie, not the stockholder of Walmart. It gives the average person a chance to make money in an opportunity like The key to your financial success though is getting off the worn trail that everyone is following and create your own special trail that short cuts the time it takes you to reach your financial destination.

One way to do this is through teamwork and leveraging and driving traffic to one team site. The old worn trail version would be to rely on the company's generic website they offer you that only really promotes the company. I grew up on a farm and I remember all the trails leading from the pasture to the barn. I would walk out to the pasture and round up the sheep.  Each one of the sheep would follow each other one by one never passing any of the others in front of them. Often the trail would branch off into two different directions and join back into one after a few yards. And every time the sheep would end up in the same sequence following each other. They never once used this opportunity to pass or get ahead of each other.

Network marketing is similar to the old sheep trail. People join another person, they hit their warm market first, and then they fall for all the automated marketing tools. Next they send out solo adds and use pay per clicks and max out their credit card. After that they use the free classifieds and join free safelists that nobody reads. Then they try email blast, viral marketing, prelaunch and relaunch opportunities and fail. Why? Because they followed that same old worn trail that 98% of those that fail use. The end result is that they can't pass each other and get to the barn sooner. If you want to get to the barn sooner then get off the old worn trail and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Stop following the crowd and work as a team and leverage by promoting one team site like we do in Magic Power.Then polish it off by teaching others the truth and why they fail in their opportunity. Stop being led down that old worn path and start learning the truth.