Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Use Stories in Your MLM or Home Business Opportunity

How To Overcome Failure In Network Marketing Through Creative Writing
It’s all about the system of writing creative stories and posting them on social blogs. This approach helps drive traffic to your website and teaches you about the importance of teamwork. You can promote and grow your online business opportunity by allowing others to use your stories too. Financial success can be accomplished through a simple story that explains why you fail and how to become successful through teamwork.

For example this type of story can bring about the importance of working as a team. A flock of geese took off for the south as winter arrived. Prior to setting off they all argued that each of them should give the directions to the head goose as they were in flight. Each of the Geese refused to listen when they were in the lead as the head goose. One by one they each flew in the direction that they wanted to. The Geese landed after their journey and noticed they were in the same field they took off from. Unfortunately, they were too tired and weak to make a second attempt South and the snow set in. The geese all froze and starved to death from the cold and lack of food. An autopsy report cited the cause of death was due to “Lack of teamwork” and “Everyone was talking and nobody was listening.” Author~Mark Recker 2010

Notice that the problem for their failure was lack of teamwork and the end result was fatal. Someone who fails in MLM can better understand that lack of teamwork is the cause for failure. In a paragraph after the story write your personal summary on what you feel is the reason for their failure in network marketing.
For example the following could be added.

Capture pages, email blast, viral marketing tools, auto responders, etc. do not work. You have to have a system to be successful and you have to work as a team.
The story was intended to get potential members to stop and listen to you while allowing you to become a leader in helping them. It is important to offer them a solution and a benefit for listening. Invite others into your opportunity using a creative story on their blogs. You will start to notice the other person trusting you and follow you into your opportunity. This magnetic draw to you can have beneficial and financial rewards as a result of your story.

Stories tell and stories sell so remember this as your slogan. You will remember a story but you will forget an opportunity that was presented to them. Do you remember back to your childhood all the stories you mother read to you? Your brain stores your stories into long term memory for you to recall. Jesus taught us through using stories and these stories have lasted over 2000 years. History has proven that stories are the best way to teach and remember facts.

With the above in mind you can start to see how much an advantage you have over others out there promoting their opportunities by simply telling or writing a creative story. My advice is to use a creative story approach when getting involved in any online marketing business where you need business builders.

Mark Recker

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