Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Succeed In Network Marketing

Have you ever begun to wonder why so many people fail to make any money working from home in their home business or mlm opportunity? It’s really not that hard to figure out what the cause is if you go back to your early childhood. Do you recall begging your parents for an opportunity to learn a musical instrument or play a sport? I’m quite certain   you probably heard one of two responses from your parents. One being sure you can if you promise to work hard and practice every day and the other being no we can’t afford it.

For example, back in my younger days as a High School freshman the varsity cross country coach who was also my oldest brother did not invite me to run cross country. Instead he opted to invite other classmates of mine to run who were bigger and stronger. I was just an average sized skeleton of skin and bones with very little muscle. Therefore, I was completely overlooked and not given the chance. Deep down I was hurt and on top of that I had to listen to my oldest brother brag about his number one star on the team who never lost a race in three years. So the season passed and I decided to make a bold statement on the first day of cross country practice the following year. I was out to beat Frank and point out my brothers mistake of failing to invite me to run as a freshman.

On the first day of practice my sophomore year I got in front of the team at the starting line only to be pushed to the back of the pack with all the other underclassmen. That just lit my fuse and when the starting gun echoed in the air I sprinted out ahead of the whole pack and found myself completely exhausted. It was at this moment that I had to make a decision to either quit and give up or tell my body that I would win this race. I refused to quit and ended up leaving Frank behind with the rest of the runners in my own imaginative dust cloud. Not only did I beat Frank, I beat his best time on the first day of practice.

For the next three years I was the number one runner and was beaten twice by two of my team members who were also my brothers. I still recall them yelling and screaming in excitement as they had finally achieved their own personal goal of beating me. That week I had my leg cast removed, just kidding! They certainly achieved their dream and that was the last time I let them win too. However, in cross country you win as a team and when others tried to beat me our scores improved and we won more meets as a team. So my team members were cheering me on to place first or second in the race and I would cheer them on to place higher too.

If you want to be successful in network marketing you must work as a team and leverage. If you don’t practice teamwork and leveraging then you are going to fail again. It is no different from when you were younger and wanted to play a sport or learn an instrument. Mazu Global Team and the Mazu Home Business Formula System is a solution to your past failures in network marketing. You can either chose to work as a team and leverage or you can just plain quit like you did when you were younger. Some of you today are going to read this and go your way. You can either get serious and refuse to quit or you can chose the quitters option. However, one thing is for certain, you can’t blame this on your parents.

Mark Recker

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