Monday, November 1, 2010

One Simple Rule will keep you from failing in your mlm or home business opportunity

A young man prayed every day asking God to give him financial help because he was struggling to feed his family. So God answered his prayer and told him to climb the highest mountain behind his house and turn over the first boulder he came across. After about three hours of climbing he came to a large boulder and turned it over. Under the boulder was a huge gold nugget. He took a few steps down hill and then stopped and saw more boulders. So he placed the gold nugget in his pocket and started rolling over all the other boulders looking for more gold nuggets. After about 8 hours it started getting dark so he hurried down the hill towards home. He got to the bottom where his family was waiting and started yelling about the gold nugget he had found. When he reached into his pocket the gold nugget was missing. He went back up the mountain the next day looking and could not find it. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, and still he could not find that lost gold nugget. Author: Mark Recker 2009

Greed and selfishness are the reasons why you fail in network marketing. Everyone is busy promoting their opportunity instead of working as a team and leveraging. If you want to be successful you must work as a team and leverage as a team. You should never use the companies generic website because it only brands the company and not you. Only 3 people out of a hundred will become financially successful because they had the capital to begin with. Remember, it takes money to make money and most do not have it. That is why they are trying network marketing in the first place.

So unless you are willing to drive traffic to one team site and leverage, you will not become successful. God did not design us to get rich quick individually from the Internet. If He did then who would wait on tables, make the beds in the hotels, change your oil. Doctors and Lawyers would leave their practices chasing that gold Internet nugget. The world would fall into complete chaos. So how do you change the percentage? Work as a team and leverage is your only hope. 

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