Monday, November 1, 2010

Stay off the beaten MLM Home Business Trail

Successful people who are in any mlm opportunity do not market to the masses, they market to the specific! In essence they have created a special marketing niche like the one I use or discovered by selling products on Ebay. The very first thing a network marketer should do is to avoid the worn down path everyone else is following. Like sheep walking up to a barn they get there one by one and it takes a very long time to get there. Companies involved in network marketing are set up the same way with their product and compensation opportunity. It's their way of getting their product into the consumers hands by using human hands and foot work. It is impossible for any of these companies to compete against other big companies who have their products in large distribution centers like Walmart. Therefore, they must rely on a mlm type of business model to market their products.

This opens up a wide range of opportunity to the average net worker because they in turn get a piece of the pie, not the stockholder of Walmart. It gives the average person a chance to make money in an opportunity like The key to your financial success though is getting off the worn trail that everyone is following and create your own special trail that short cuts the time it takes you to reach your financial destination.

One way to do this is through teamwork and leveraging and driving traffic to one team site. The old worn trail version would be to rely on the company's generic website they offer you that only really promotes the company. I grew up on a farm and I remember all the trails leading from the pasture to the barn. I would walk out to the pasture and round up the sheep.  Each one of the sheep would follow each other one by one never passing any of the others in front of them. Often the trail would branch off into two different directions and join back into one after a few yards. And every time the sheep would end up in the same sequence following each other. They never once used this opportunity to pass or get ahead of each other.

Network marketing is similar to the old sheep trail. People join another person, they hit their warm market first, and then they fall for all the automated marketing tools. Next they send out solo adds and use pay per clicks and max out their credit card. After that they use the free classifieds and join free safelists that nobody reads. Then they try email blast, viral marketing, prelaunch and relaunch opportunities and fail. Why? Because they followed that same old worn trail that 98% of those that fail use. The end result is that they can't pass each other and get to the barn sooner. If you want to get to the barn sooner then get off the old worn trail and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Stop following the crowd and work as a team and leverage by promoting one team site like we do in Magic Power.Then polish it off by teaching others the truth and why they fail in their opportunity. Stop being led down that old worn path and start learning the truth.

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