Monday, November 1, 2010

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking in your Home Business or MLM

Three wise men were imprisoned by King Mazu Global and put on death role for giving out improper wisdom about his mazu home business opportunity. On the day they were all three sentenced to die the King decided that he would give all three wise men a chance to live if they could answer a wise question that only the King knew the answer to.

So the King asked the first wise man, “Which is more important your health or your wealth?” The first wise man quickly answered your health! King Mazu Global then ordered his guards to throw the first wise man off the cliff. Then King Mazu Global asked the second wise man, what is more important your health or your wealth?” The wise man immediately yelled out your wealth! The King then ordered his Mazu Global Team soldiers to throw the second wise man off the cliff.

Then King Mazu Global turned to the third wise man and asked the same question. The wise man stood in silence for a few moments and then he said, “Your honor both are equally important.” The King then asked him to explain his answer.

The wise man went on to say that without health you have nothing to live for. You can’t be pain free and enjoy life the way you want to. However, without wealth you will worry about how you are going to make ends meet and then stress overtakes your body and disease sets in. You need a balance of wealth and health to live a long vibrant life and with one of them missing life is fruitless.

“Perfect answer” said King Mazu Global and he ordered the Mazu Global Team guards to release the wise man and to prepare for a banquet in honor of the wise man.  There was singing and dancing while glasses full of Mazu Gold were being toasted to everyones health and wealth. Peasants lined up to join King Mazu Global in his Mazu Home Business opportunity and they immediately started earning wealth due to the All Team Pay Plan that Mazu Global offered. King Mazu Global and his Mazu Global Team grew into a huge kingdom of wealth and health where everyone lived long healthy vibrant lives.
Author ~ Mark Recker 2010

The best way to increase your search engin ranking is through teamwork and leveraging. Using a story in your blog writings with key words about your home business opportunity or mlm. Stories spread like wild fire accross the internet and people remember stories that they had read in the past. If you want to be successful you must leverage and work as a team.

Mark Recker

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