Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't let a fire destroy your MLM or Home Business Opportunity

A herd of 100 deer were grazing in a valley below unaware of a huge forest fire burning out of control downwind from them.  They were downwind and they could not smell any smoke. They were all enjoying the lush green grass unaware of any approaching danger. Suddenly, a flame out of nowhere jumped into the valley scattering the deer in all directions. There were two very narrow openings to the valley on each end and the fire landed into the opening next to them. The entire herd except for the 10 wisest deer took off for the far end of the valley towards the only remaining entrance. The other 10 wise deer stayed together and did not panic. Instead they studied the flames, the wind speed, the direction, the heat, and observed the birds migration pattern overhead away from the smoke and heat. They all decided to escape together at the middle part of the valley up a very steep and slippery dangerous trail that was seldom used.

The trail was never used because it was suicide to attempt it alone. However, they decided that their only chance for survival was to use this trail if they worked together as a team.  They started climbing the steep dangerous trail and the strongest went last in line to help hold the weaker ones from falling. The strongest would plow their antlers into the rocky slippery trail allowing for the weaker less experienced to climb the unused dangerous trail. One by one they managed to reach the top, exhausted and tired from the feat.
When they looked below into the valley they saw the other deer approaching the valley entrance at the far end. However, just before they got there the wind changed directions and flames engulfed the entrance they were approaching. The herd panicked and ran for the other end trampling and killing each other in the process. Once they got to the opposite end they realized that both entrances were completely sealed off. The raging forest fire had overcome them and they all died. The 10 deer who survived went their way and repopulated the herd.  Author~M.Recker 2010

People fail in their home business and mlm opportunities because they do not work as a team and leverage to become successful. Because of this they rush from one opportunity to another. The secret to your mlm or Mazu home business success is dependent on teamwork and leveraging. Developing leaders who in turn develop others and duplicate the system. If you want to be successful in your Mazu Global Team opportunity then you must learn to work as a team in developing leaders. Don't get burned from following all the others racing from one opportunity to another. Stay together as a team and help each other reach the top.

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